Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Return of AuGuest.

I mentioned earlier this month that I wanted to bring back my AuGuest month of guest posts, and today I can confirm it will be taking place. Each Monday in August, I will publish a guest post from someone I have met or worked with in my adventures online.

This year it will be a bit different, though, in that each Thursday I will then right a response or commentary to that week's guest post, as opposed to just finding as many guest posts as I can, and leaving comments on same. So this year AuGuest will be more of a conjunction of ideas between myself and my guests. I hope some interesting discussion as well as some new readers will result from this year's event.

So, do check back in on Monday, when AuGuest kicks off with a post by confirmed extrovert,  Zoyah Thawer. Don't miss it.

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