Friday, February 5, 2010

How's This Gonna Work?

This week I have hopefully established what this blog is, and who I am. At least in an introductory sense. The question now is, how? How am I going to provide advice, commentary, recollections, links, speculations, theories and questions pertaining to the sorts of things about which I plan to write? (Such as career, freelancing, writing, relationships, introversion, education, spirituality, etc.)

It’s quite simple really. I shall write about that which moves, inspires or concerns me at any given time, and make liberal use of the labeling function to categorize posts.

That’s it.

In other words, I’m going to let Blogger organize it, and let you, the reader, sample it in whatever way you wish. Want to only read posts about my thoughts on being an introvert? Hop right to them. Opinions on job hunting more your cup of tea? Go after those. This is a blog, not a novel. So there need not be any over arching sequence. If one post refers to another post, I’ll link to it. I’m about content and accessibility. Not about being cute, or organizing things into oblivion. (Of which I am sometimes been guilty.) So expect self contained posts connected by a common thread, but hopefully also useful in their own right.

My goal is to make this place fun to both write and to read. I find that having fewer boundaries and strict perimeters suit that end quit nicely, don’t you?

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