Monday, February 1, 2010

The Launch

Welcome to Too XYZ.

This will be a place where I share my observations, situations and tribulations with the world at large, but especially with people who find themselves in my same predicament.

And what is that predicament?

The predicament of falling just outside of the circumstances of conventional success. The predicament of being well ahead of the game in some ways, but due to various occurrences, quite behind in others. An age and situation often ignored by advice columnists, success gurus and positive thinking adherents. The predicament where too many assumptions are made about one’s abilities and potential achievements, simply because one is an adult, or is intelligent, or healthy.

It is the predicament of having come, through many ordeals, to a keen and ever evolving self awareness, but having never really been given of a solid chance to make use of that knowledge in the outside world. The predicament of unrealized potential, and bad timing. Of being left to one’s own devices without assistance or guidance because one is “smart”, and “will figure it all out.” Of being without mentors or even equals because of it.

Ours is the predicament of wanting to change, to succeed, to evolve and to influence this world and society, but finding ourselves powerless and clueless as to how to do so. A predicament of just not connecting. In our careers, our social lives, our spiritual lives. Of wandering, with only a vague outdated road map, thin networks, and canned advice. That just doesn’t quite fit our condition. The predicament of following that advice anyway because we need to “do something.”

It’s a predicament of being too different too early in life, or too damaged, or too confused, or all of the above, to develop as one should have developed in order find conventional success in the world. Or even in order to take the advice of those who coach others in how to do so. A predicament of being too unique in too many ways so that even suggestions for “unique people” doesn’t quite stick to us much of the time. Like a sticky note with hair and dirt on the back.

The predicament of being stalled, or perhaps of never having started. The predicament of only just now getting around to the aspects of life for which most people your age have falsely concluded you are too old. The predicament of knowing that society’s definition of success is not the be all and end all, but not knowing how to carve your own definition to get what you want. What you need. What you deserve.

In short, the predicament of being too….something. Too what? An undefined value. A value I refer to in this blog as being “Too XYZ.”
Too XYZ to have a resume that sings. Too XYZ to network and schmooze your way into those connections and positions everyone likes to write about these days. Too XYZ to enjoy being alone all of the time, yet also Too XYZ to jump through the standard hoops of how to date, or make friends. Too XYZ to take part in the networking events that others claim are so crucial to getting ahead. Too XYZ to fit in, yet Too XYZ to conform.

But you and I are also Too XYZ to fail. You may not know how to prevent it, or what happened to you to make you Too XYZ, but you know that you are neither hopeless, nor simply able to pick up the latest self help best seller, think a few happy thoughts, and watch your life get fixed. You need something else. Something more. A different way of seeing what you are, what the world is, and a new style of success. One that isn’t set down in specific rules, but is fluid, human based, and adaptable to your circumstances. Maybe you just need to hear the stories of someone else who is Too XYZ. That is where I come in.

I’m Ty, and it seems I have always been Too XYZ. I will share my views, advice and reasons here. What I have learned, and am trying to learn. My hope is that it speaks enough to you to help you out. Or at least, makes you think.

Which is where all of this must start. With a thought.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to your adventure. I believe we all are too XYZ in one way or another, and someone needs to point that out straight away. So you might be declaring what is Too XYZ in each entry? One of the blogs I subscribe always inserts What's that all about? in an entry and that binds the whole blog theme.